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We all have our struggles to achieve those goals we set out for ourselves, be it saving for that holiday or finding time to unwind. But generally we get hit with set backs or distractions, new bills come in unexpected expenses for the beloved pet or new tasks pop into our lives that require urgent attention.

It's in these times we need to push ourselves through the closed off headspace and planning is an essential tool to help us persevere, but yes we can't plan for every outcome and that's when we have to brush ourselves off and delve right back in until we succeed.

So how do I plan; I start by setting smaller achievable goals that line up with the bigger goal I want to achieve, the great thing about small achievable goals is it gives us the small wins that that start to fill the motivation tank.

I know there are two lines of thinking when it comes to impulse and I understand that ultimately we all would like to be able to hold out for more treats later than the one right now, though when it comes to keeping motivated it sometimes requires those little nibbles to remind us of what is to come when we achieve the greater goal.

Now I know your thinking that the reason you're here reading this blog is to stop rewarding yourself with cake and chocolate or that wine and that this was a health and fitness page you clicked on right? Exactly and if your goal is to eat better, maybe lose some weight, become fit and toned and rock that outfit that has been sitting in the wardrobe taunting you; then yes we can reward the small wins but only with non food rewards as it becomes a very slippery slope when you start to justify that slice of cake or bowl of ice cream.

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